Meet the team


David Norrington BVMS MRCVS – Veterinary Surgeon, Partner

David has worked at Valley Veterinary Group as a mixed practice vet for a very long time and is interested in everything that moves and breaths! Having graduated in 1996 from Glasgow University David has put a vast amount of energy and time into developing the Valley Veterinary Group into what we have today. He takes pride in creating an environment that provides satisfaction for patients, clients and staff alike. 
In his spare time he likes to think he is a bit of a golf pro, and loves spending time with his family. David also enjoys running and has been known to take part in a few marathons over the years. However, his sprinting career is over after he was kicked by a cow a number of years ago. He somehow managed to drive himself to hospital with a dislocated kneecap and torn ligaments! Last year he reinjured the same knee ice skating with his children… he got more laughs from us than sympathy!

Shirley Norrington BVMS MRCVS – Veterinary Surgeon, Partner

Shirley has been working at Valley Veterinary Group as a small animal vet since November 2009 when she went into partnership with her husband, David. Shirley graduated from Glasgow University in 1996 and is especially interested in anything feline, soft tissue surgery or endocrinology. She feels the best thing about working here is the great team of vets, nurses and receptionists who all have a mutual goal of good client care and pet welfare. She likes coming to work with people she genuinely gets on with.
Shirley wanted to be a vet since she was 3 years old. She met David at university and it took him 4 years to take the hint that she quite liked him – after dragging him to several Killie football games and a trip to Rothesay in the university holidays the penny finally dropped! She loves spending time with her 3 handsome sons in her free time – Calum, Cameron and Stuart. Running, walking and golf are fitted in when she has some time to herself, and she loves catching up with friends over a glass of bubbly! She once almost wrote off her car in the carpark outside Halfords having just spent £15 on touch up paint and £6 on a car wash – it happens to the best of us! The only time she wore open toed shoes to work a dog vomited on her feet. Needless to say she won’t be doing that again!

Kirsten MacGregor  Fawbert BVMS MRCVS – Veterinary Surgeon

250x250_fitbox-the_view_and_work_photos_046.jpegKirsten has worked as a mixed practice vet at Valley Veterinary Group for one year and has a keen interest in veterinary imaging. She loves working in the surgery with the best facilities and thinks her colleagues are a lovely team! Kirsten has a black Labrador called Bramble who can often be seen in reception at Kilmarnock. In her free time Kirsten likes to walk up hills with Bramble, and also goes running and cycling. Kirsten who recently  married Chris Fawbert who she met while travelling in New Zealand. Chris is from South Africa and hisSt proposal started with a message on Bramble (aww!). Happily Kirsten and Chris are now the proud parents to Benjamin who in May.

Rory Gormley BVMS MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon

Stuart Kerr BVMS MRCVS-Veterinary Surgeon

Stuart has been with the Valley vet group for the past year and has been enjoying his time back home in Ayrshire. Being a Newmilns lad Stuart has found himself meeting old friends and new since his return.  

Nurses and Assistants

Kelly Michael – Head Veterinary Nurse

250x250_fitbox-the_view_and_work_photos_057.jpegKelly has been working at Valley Veterinary Group for nearly 4 years. She has an HNC in Animal Nursing, an HND in Veterinary Nursing, and RCVS Level 2 and 3 in Veterinary Nursing. Kelly thinks working with her work colleagues is like working with friends as everyone gets on so well. She has a dinky Jack Russell called Dottie who is a diva with a lot of attitude. Kelly enjoys shopping, walking Dottie and planning her wedding which takes place in March 2013. She is engaged to James who she met at school. Most of her spare time is spent reading wedding magazines! One of Kelly’s memorable moments at work was when she got soaked through to her pants and down to her socks with projectile diarrhoea. She also spent 2 days in hospital due to a cat bite but she still loves her job!

Sophie Harvey – Veterinary Nursing Assistant

250x250_fitbox-the_view_and_work_photos_016.jpegSophie has worked at Valley Veterinary Group for one year and is starting college in August 2012 to work towards qualifying as a Veterinary Nurse. She thinks it’s great being able to come to work knowing she is working with people she gets on with who have the same passion in her line of work. She generally loves her job and is always cheery and smiling (although she admits sometimes very blonde!). She has 2 dogs called Roxy and Spangle, and a cat called Spencer. Spencer once put Jennifer, one of our vets, in A&E after a particularly vicious attack! Outside work, Sophie likes to go horse riding, particularly showjumping; and her favourite TV programme is Grey’s Anatomy.

Lauren Jardine – Veterinary Nursing Assistant

250x250_fitbox-the_view_and_work_photos_017.jpegLauren has been working at Valley Veterinary Group for one year and is starting an Animal Nursing Assistant course at college in 2012. She has 3 dogs – a Bichon Frise called Daisy, and a Lakeland Terrier called Bodie and a new arrival a rottweiler called sasha; and 2 cats called Boo and Elmo. She particularly enjoys horse riding (especially dressage), and can be found spectating at horse events at weekends. She used to be part of the Scottish Side Saddle Display Team where Lauren enjoyed dressed up in period costumes and performing dressage on her horses to music!

Ashley Summers – Veterinary Nursing Assistant

Ashley has worked at Valley Veterinary Group for 2 years and has recently started an Animal Nursing Assistant course at home. She thinks that she works in a happy and friendly environment, and enjoys the fact that there is always something for her to do. She’s kept so busy she is never bored! She doesn’t have any pets, but has lots to do home with her fiancé Tommy and baby girl, Millie. When she gets time to relax she loves watching Grey’s Anatomy. Her claim to fame is that in 2006 while representing Scotland at the World Dancing Championships in Rome, she met the pope! 


Jamie Nisbet – Practice Manager

Jamie has worked at Valley Veterinary Group for 10 years. She loves her job and her bosses. She feels Valley Vets are like one big family as we all socialise with each other and are there for each other if things get tough. She never worries about carrying out reviews because she thinks we are an awesome lot! Jamie lives on a farm in Ochiltree with 600 sheep, 300 beef cows and 10 charolais bulls. She has LOTS of pets including 2 Jacob sheep, 6 goats, a cow, hens, ducks and turkeys (including “Tinsel” who was given to Jennifer the vet as a Christmas present!). She has 3 horses called Ali, Axel and Diamond, and a pony called Nelson. Her dogs are called Foxy, Lola and Patsy. Jamie met her partner James in January 2008 when she went to help David with a TB test at his farm. James was strutting around in a pair of wellies that were 2 sizes too big, cream cords and a woolly hat. Aside from the fashion faux-pas Jamie says it was love at first sight. It was a happy ending as they now have a son and daughter - James and Sienna. Apart from being a mum and working, Jamie is a qualified dance teacher and judge; and loves showjumping with her horses.


Marie Laing – Head Receptionist

Marie has been working at Valley Veterinary Group for a long time and is well known by our clients. She enjoys meeting new clients and old, and has made many friends from working here – human and animal! She loves meeting the various pets that come through our door. Marie spends lots of time with her family and partner, and likes going away to her caravan to chill out. Unfortunately, she seems to be a little unlucky – after spending hundreds of pounds getting her car fixed, her neighbour forgot to put their handbrake on in their car and it subsequently ended up hitting the back of Marie’s! Lucky white heather!

Sandra Jeffrey – Receptionist

250x250_fitbox-may_2012_017.jpegSandra has worked at Valley Veterinary Group for 6 years at the Kilmarnock branch and is the mother of Jamie (our practice manager). She enjoys the companionship we have between staff and has made some over the counter friends. Sandra is always keen to learn about the variety of animals she meets. At home she has a cat called Minnie and a boxer called A.J. During her spare time Sandra enjoys sailing (especially when in Portugal where she can get a tan), shopping, sewing and gardening. She also loves spending time with her grandchildren. Sandra thinks that David and Shirley are the best people she has worked for as they create a relaxed atmosphere and no one is ever heard saying, “Watch out, here’s the boss coming!.” There are many funny stories that Jamie has told about her mum including one where Jamie waved at her mum from the balcony of their apartment on holiday. Sandra was so busy waving back and looking up at Jamie she didn’t notice the palm tree that she subsequently walked into. She ended up with two black eyes for the rest of the holiday!

Tracy Mabon – Receptionist

250x250_fitbox-may_2012_020.jpegTracy is our newest addition to the Valley Vet Group team. She has been working here since mid April 2012 in the Kilmarnock branch and is enjoying the new experiences and challenges! She owns a horse and in her spare time likes walking, zumba classes and socialising with friends. Her favourite TV programmes are Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy which she loves. It took Tracy six years to pass her driving test then once she was finally out and about by herself she kept hitting parked cars and bollards for the first 6 months! She once reversed into a BT van. She knows it became a standing joke that you shouldn’t park next to her!

Amy Brown – Receptionist

250x250_fitbox-the_view_and_work_photos_018.jpegAmy has been working at Valley Veterinary Group for 6 months, although previously did work experience here. Amy has just finished her first year at  Vet School in Glasgow. She thinks the best part of working here is the friends she has made. Amy has a black lab cross called Tess who she rescued from the Dog’s Trust. In her spare time Amy enjoys horse riding, walking Tess and listening to music.

Christine Stevenson - Receptionist

Fiona Gilmour - Receptionist

Fiona has been working at Valley Veterinary Group for  3 years and is the main receptionist at our Stewarton branch. Fiona enjoys speaking to the clients and making friends through her job. She even runs our Facebook page in her spare time and is always happy to help! She owns a black lab called Hamish ; and a cat called Pheobe. At her house, her daughter also has Cupcake the guinea pig and Muffin the rabbit who were adopted through our Stewarton practice. Fiona spends most of her weekends with her husband and daughter either at horse shows with Bob the horse; or going out and enjoying themselves.

Brenda Wilson - Receptionist (Stewarton)